Launchpad | Success@Work in 21st Century Africa

Want to sharpen your management skills? Accelerate your career? Expand your business?

Sign up for Launchpad, AMI’s first free online management course, delivered by Thabo Mosala and Buyani Zwane, lecturers at the Gordon Institute of Business Science in South Africa.

Launchpad is the first in a series of AMI short courses covering the foundations of good management in an African context. These courses will focus on workplace skills such as self-management, goal setting, effective communication and influencing others.

Launchpad is also the first management course in Africa open to anyone, anywhere with an Internet connection, for free.

Join us in making history!


The African Management Initiative is partnering with leading African business schools to deliver affordable, high-quality and practical training courses to managers and entrepreneurs across the continent.

The courses blend online content with offline peer learning. They are designed specifically for African managers and encourage participants to apply what they learn on the job.

AMI's content partners include Africa's top business schools, such as Nigeria's Lagos Business School, Kenya's Strathmore Business School and South Africa's Gordon Institute of Business Science.


Launchpad, our first module, is aimed at anyone aiming to sharpen their management skills - young managers and knowledge workers who want to advance their career, small business owners looking to expand their company or even executives who need a refresher.


Launchpad is available anytime, anywhere. We are not currently running Launchpad as a formal course with a certificate, except through AMI Learning Labs. But you can still access the course materials.

Launchpad will involve approximately 5-10 hours of work. You can work at your own pace, accessing materials whenever you like and completing exercises and assignments.


Launchpad is open to anyone, anywhere with an Internet connection, for free. You can even do it on your mobile phone. You can take the course on your own online, or as part of an offline AMI Learning Lab. We encourage everyone who signs up to do the course independently to work through it with a ‘buddy’ – either a colleague, friend or mentor.

At AMI Learning Labs, groups of managers and entrepreneurs will work through the course together, offline, with a facilitator. We are piloting the Learning Lab concept in Kenya. Join AMI for updates on Learning Labs near you.


  • Work through engaging video, audio or text content at their own pace
  • Interact with content and verify understanding with informal quizzes
  • Reinforce knowledge by stopping, reflecting and applying lessons learnt through practical exercises and activities
  • Interact with peers and form networks across Africa by joining AMI’s Virtual Campus or in facilitated offline groups


To do the course individually, you will need a reliable Internet connection, ideally broadband, either on a PC, laptop, tablet or web-enabled phone. You can work through the course at work, at home or at an Internet café. We will keep bandwidth requirements as low as possible.

If you are doing the course individually (not as part of a Learning Lab), then you will need to find a ‘buddy’ – a colleague, mentor, your boss or a friend. You will work through the content together. We will provide more information and guidance on finding a buddy once you sign up for the course.


  • Unit 1 - Introduction

  • Pre-course Assessment

  • Unit 2 - Goal Setting

  • Goal Setting | Knowledge Check

  • Additional Resources (1) - Goal Setting

  • Additional Resources (2) - Goal Setting

  • Additional Resources (3) - Goal setting

  • Unit 3 - Self Management

  • Self Management | Knowledge Check

  • Additional Resources (1) - Self Management

  • Additional Resources (2) - SELF MANAGEMENT

  • Additional Resources (3) - Self Management

  • Unit 4 - Communication

  • Communication | Knowledge Check

  • Additional resources (1) - Communication

  • Additional Resources (2) - Communication

  • Additional Resources (3) - Communication

  • Unit 5 - Influencing Others

  • Influencing Others | Knowledge Check

  • Additional Resources (1) - Influencing Others

  • Additional Resources (2) - Influencing Others

  • Additional Resources (3) - Influencing Others

  • Unit 6 - Your Personal Effectiveness Plan

  • Final Activity - Personal Effectiveness Plan

  • Final Assessment

  • Unit 7 - Course Conclusion

  • Personal Effectiveness Plan - Final report